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Longview Bridges Out of Poverty is based on a national construct known as Bridges out of Poverty, Strategies for Professionals and Communities. Bridges takes the approach of looking at poverty through "the triple-lens" – ­Individual, Institutional, and Community/Policy focus.

Additional training resources are available to organizations and communities that assist patrons living in poverty or low income, which include the. Understanding the Struggle of Poverty workshop and The Poverty Simulation.





Longview Bridges is designed to build relationships across class and race lines while drawing on individual experiences to help better address the concern of individual economic instability in our community. Longview Bridges is not a program. Bridges is a way for all sectors of the community to come together with the common goal of building sustainable communities.

Individuals living on the low rung of the economic ladder, can begin their climb to self­-sufficiency by joining Getting Ahead, based on a 20-­session curriculum called, “Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World”. Participants co­-investigate barriers to reaching self-­sufficiency, during which time they construct their plan to move out of poverty. Upon graduating from Getting Ahead, families join with other Getting Ahead graduates in small groups, called Staying Ahead, who meet monthly to provide encouragement and support, while addressing barriers that often keep people in poverty.


Join  Us in

Getting Ahead is:

  • A weekly commitment (20 weeks)

  • A new way of looking at an old situation (poverty)

  • Supportive and encouraging 

  • Confidential 

  • Hope for a better tomorrow

Getting Ahead is NOT:

  • A quick fix 

  • A typical class - we co-investigate and learn
    from one another

There is no charge to participate in the Getting
Ahead sessions. Childcare is provided for children under the age of 12, as well as a meal at each weekly session.


Our next Getting Ahead class is starting soon. If you would like to join,
call us at 903.237.1019 or request information using link below.

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